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We've assembled an array of delicious and healthy premium California-grown dried fruits and nuts. Assembled in an attractive wood chest, these tasty treats are full of flavor and oh so delicious. The all-wood gift chest is great for storage or keepsakes long after the treats are gone.


The Premium Gourmet Fruit & Nuts Gift Chest includes: 6 oz honey roasted peanuts, 6 oz salted pistachios, 6 oz deluxe mixed nuts, 6 oz smokehouse almonds, 6 oz salted cashews, 6 oz pineapple, 6 oz dried apricots, 6 oz dried peaches, 6 oz dried pears, 6 oz spicy oriental snack mix, 12"x 8" wood chest.

Premium Gourmet Fruit & Nuts Gift Chest 810772

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