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The E-Book/EPub version of Post Conviction Relief: The Appeal

*This is a digital copy of this book - not a physical copy.

This book is written in layman's terms. It will provide you with the understanding that the courts don't want you to have. This book is written in layman's terms. It will provide you with the understanding that the courts don't want you to have.


This book is not only an informative research guide it is also a plain term resource manual. With this book, you will be armed with a unique understanding of the Habeas Corpus process used by both state and federal prisoners who seek relief in the United States district courts. This book is written to guide the layman through a complicated web of court rules and statutes that have, throughout the years, been passed and utilized by Bar members to deny relief to even the innocent.


This book is a continuation of a long overdue effort, to make sense of the habeas corpus process in layman's terms. In this installment, of the series, you will learn how to advance through to appeal. You will be provided with the necessary filings to journey through the court of appeals, step-by-step, as you file a certificate of appealability, an opening brief, a reply, and a petition for rehearing.


You will discover how the federal court rules are applied to cases along with the actual background practice of the court's personnel. You're going to get tips concerning the actual practice rather than the fairy tale taught in law school. Writing this book has been a painstaking effort to prepare you for the next battle at hand. although, you will find the court of appeals far less hostile than the district; you will also find that you will be held to a strict adherence to the rules.


For that reason, I've included a complete listing of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure; The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; Rules Governing 2255 in the district court; and the controlling statutes of title 28 that pertain to habeas corpus actions. You will also find that the format of this book is set in a style that's simple to follow. Every filing that's listed is immediately preceded by the instructions for its filing. If you begin on page one you can follow the appeal process from start to finish, covering every aspect rule-by-rule.


Be aware that you are not alone in your quest for justice, many have fought and suffered as they battled the powers of evil. But, rest assured that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train. You must study and arm yourself with knowledge; it's only with an understanding of truth and right that will you achieve justice in a court enacted to produce convictions.


For a public example of the lengths, they will go, review district court case number 2:16-cv-709-RDP-HGD, in the Northern District of Alabama. Continue to study so you may prevail, remember chance favors a prepared mind.

Post-Conviction Relief: The Appeal - E-Book

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