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Did you ever leave your Mom little love notes when you were a kid? Now here’s your chance to do it all over again and to make Mom feel special all over again.


Inside this elegant tote, she'll discover A Mother's Are Forever book filled with touching stories and messages of love and affection for Mom.


And just to make her feel extra special we've included an array of gently nourishing bath and body spa products in a light Vanilla and Jasmine scent.

Mothers Are Forever Spa Gift Tote 8413512

  • Woven pastel straw purse, Mothers Are Forever book of inspirational poems and stories, Jasmine Vanilla moisturizing body lotion, Jasmine Vanilla moisturizing bath gel, Jasmine Vanilla moisturizing bubble bath, bath soap, aromatherapy 3 oz poured candle, exfoliating bath sponge, boars bristle nail brush, fresh aloe & cucumber facial mask, moisturizing bath booties. Measures 10" wide by 5" deep and 13" Tall.
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