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Don't monkey around this Valentine's Day- send your sweetheart the Monkey Love Valentines Gift Pail.


This plush hanger monkey delivers a white Valentine's pail filled with Valentine's sweets for your sweetheart. Send the Monkey Love Valentines Gift Pail to your Valentine!

Monkey Love Valentines Gift Pail 8160352

  • Plush 5" Hanger Monkey White Valentines Pail with hearts Sweetheart Conversation Hearts Tootsie Rolls Valentines midgets 4 pcs Asst Hershey Miniatures bars 5 pcs Big Kiss For You Valentine Bag w- Hershey Kisses Valentines Miniature M & M candies 2 bags 2 Valentine Reese's Asst Valentines Candy Bars 4 assorted bars(Snickers, Kit Kat, Twix, Hershey)
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