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Mission Somewhat Kinda Sort of But Not Really Completely 100% Impossible: A Tail of Two Turkeys by Al Parish For centuries, authors have published books using primitive methods. Many of these books are still available, but quite old. The book you are holding, though available as an eBook too, was lovingly created completely by hand.


No computer was used to illustrate this book and the text was written carefully by hand. Since it is all handmade, you may notice slight imperfections. As you do, please know and remember that this book was made just for you.


$30.84 incl. S/H & Tracking.


Due To EXPERIENCE - All books shipped SEPARATELY to ensure unnecessary prison mail room delays. All book prices below INCLUDE Shipping & Handling with Tracking.

Mission Somewhat Kinda Sort of But Not Really Completely

  • Paperback: 58 pages Publisher: Lulu Publishing Services (October 28, 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 1483419622 ISBN-13: 978-1483419626 Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches
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