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Letters to Penthouse XXXXVI: Dirty Dares and Red Hot Hookups 304 pages Imagine a world with no limits, one in which your wildest fantasies can, and do, come true.


That’s exactly what the readers of Penthouse have done in this collection of pulse-quickening letters. From sensual daydreams about hot coworkers to lusty fantasies of swashbuckling lotharios to couples’ racy role-playing, Penthouse readers prove that there is no end to their erotic imagination.


$25.99 incl. S/H & Tracking.


Due To EXPERIENCE - All books shipped SEPARATELY to ensure unnecessary prison mail room delays. All book prices below INCLUDE Shipping & Handling with Tracking.

Letters to Penthouse XXXXVI:

  • Mass Market Paperback Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (1869) ASIN: B01FIXB6CE
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