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The E-Book/EPub version of Inmate Shopper Annual 2023-24

*This is a digital copy of this book - not a physical copy.


Everything you need while in prison is available in the INMATE SHOPPER. Always Up to Date. Current issue, 400+ pgs. of new content, constantly adding new products, services, resources, news & more...Inmate Shopper was created to assist those within the prison system by monitoring businesses that service them. Inmate Shopper is an in-print, softcover book, every 12-18 months that offers inmates a safer way to shop and access business information all in one place. The editors have researched and continue to monitor over 300 businesses listed in Inmate Shopper for more than the past six years. Inmate Shopper informs its readers about established and newer companies and offers information and resources. 


Only Inmate Shopper lists a vast variety of categories, such as pen pal listings, personal assistants, gift boutiques, book and magazine sellers, education resources and many businesses that want to send you, their catalog. Companies are listed in Inmate Shopper alphabetically by business name in the directory and additionally listed by category of services in the index. The information about each company can include contact info, details on services, cost of catalogs, payment methods, whether a SASE is required, an Inmate Shopper review and rating of the company. Businesses Rated 10 receive the Inmate Shopper stamp of approval so you know which companies the best is to shop with.


Every issue of Inmate Shopper contains sections such as , Reentry, Veterans, Pen Pals, Entertainment, What’s Trending, LGBTQ Prison Living, Criminal Justice News,  Articles from Guest Writers and National Sports Schedules. Every issue of Inmate Shopper has hours of reading entertainment and contains hundreds of up-to-date resources on dependable businesses that service inmates. 


Softcover, 8"x10"


CENSORED EDITION also availableInmate Shopper Without Pen Pal Content & No Sexy Photos - No More Rejections.

For those prisons that do not allow Pen Pal Content & No Sexy Photos.

Inmate Shopper 2024-25 E-Book

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