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How to Form a Corporation in Minnesota by Mark Warda and D. Boulay.


THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FORMING YOUR OWN CORPORATION. This book takes the mystery out of creating a simple corporation. It translates difficult legal language into everyday English. It gives you practical guidance to deal with all of the State of Minnesota's legal requirements. Included are all the forms you must have and the costs to file each one. This book has the tools you need to form your Minnesota corporation with a minimum of fuss. It has easy-to-follow instructions, addresses, phone numbers, and websites.


Also, you will find tips on when you might want to consult a lawyer or other professional. This book is for people who are ready to get a corporation going quickly, correctly, and with as little time and expense as possible. This book explains in simple language: --Advantages and disadvantages of incorporating in Minnesota --Running your Minnesota corporation --Details of S-corporations and C-corporations --The types of corporations --Step-by-step procedures for incorporating --How to get more information --Corporate tax matters --Minnesota and federal tax law --Minnesota corporate law --Operations of professional firms --The sale of stock --When to consult a legal professional --The use of minutes and resolutions --How to file with the secretary of state --How to use stock certificates.


$70.99 incl S/H & Tracking.

How to Form a Corporation in Minnesota

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