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We all want them to make Healthy Choices. But life being what it is we know that does not always happen. So why not send them a care package filled with down-home goodness?


Our Healthy Choices Deluxe Care package is filled to the brim with delicious yet healthy choices to help keep them on track.

Healthy Choices Deluxe Care Package 819471

  • 2-Ritz Bitz cheese filled crackers Quaker caramel rice snacks Davidson's Sunflower seeds Low fat animal crackers pistachios 2-Snyder low fat pretzels Bumble bee chicken Salad with water crackers Tropical trail mix Planters roasted peanuts 2-Grandmas cookies 2 Sun maid Raisins boxes 4-Nutri Grain granola bars Chef Boyardee raviolis Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup
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