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Looking for a Halloween surprise they’ll really dig? This deluxe care package includes a thoughtful plot-full of fun plus some tasty sweets and treats. 

Happy Halloween Activities Deluxe Care Pack 914592

  • 12" Halloween Teddy bear Halloween Story Book Halloween sticker sheets Halloween marshmallow peeps Silly string Popcorn ball Bubbles Relaxable pumpkin ball spooky Halloween spring pop-ups 2 Halloween kids card game Dracula fangs whistle 2-Halloween suckers Body parts gummy candies Pixie sticks Halloween pretzels Halloween Buttery Microwave popcorn Reese's Peanut Butter cup Fun Size M & M's Peanut Fun Size Kit kat wafer Bar Fun Size Snicker's Bar Twizzlers Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar Fun Size musketeers Fun Size M & M's Milk Chocolate Candies The box comes decorated with "Happy Halloween" stickers and a witch flying over the moon