The Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Apple Duet combines the best of both worlds in this beautiful gift.

The crisp, premium Extra Fancy Granny Smith Apples are hand-dipped in our rich golden Caramel then hand-dipped in Belgian Chocolate and generously decorated with delicious toppings. This Apple Duet features 2 of our most popular flavors- Triple Chocolate and Caramel Toffee! 
Each Apple is hand wrapped in a lovely cellophane bag and tied  with a fancy Satin Trimmed Organza Bow and hand packed in a lovely box on a bed of Krinkle Shred and tied with ribbon. 

Each Apple Net Wt. Approx. 1-1.25 lbs.  Serves 8-10. 

Fancy Chocolate Caramel Apple Duet LF-CA01DUO