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The E-Book/EPub version of Convicted Creations Cookbook

*This is a digital copy of this book - not a physical copy.


Convicted Creations Cookbook


Just because you are behind bars, doesn't mean your cravings for home-cooked foods are any less real.


With our Convicted Creations Cookbook in your hands, these easy-to-create recipes are sure to bring back memories of home. Make your taste buds dance with some down-home cooking from Freebird Publishers' collection of delicious recipes.


There are over 100 selections from which you are sure to find some appetizing treats that will satisfy your cravings for home-cooked meals while in prison.


Bonus content includes oven to microwave heating and cooking tips that will help you to up your cooking game! Do not let your limited kitchen appliances hinder your ability to enjoy the flavors of a good meal.


  • Drinks
  • Dips & Sauces
  • Main Dishes
  • Sweets & Treats

Convicted Creations Cookbook

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