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Easy recipes for cooking in your university dorm room. Are you eating the same thing day in and day out? Tired of the same boring, bland-tasting food? Are your meals lacking flavor and originality? Then our College Chef Cookbook will hit the spot! 


The College Chef Cookbook is a college student's manual filled with hundreds of delicious, easy-to-follow recipes which can be simply made with everyday, common and low-cost foods. Every recipe has been tried and thoroughly tested. Loved by everyone! 


In the College Chef Cookbook, the recipes are divided into four culinary sections: 


• Meals and Snacks Sauces 

• Sandwich Spreads 

• Salsa and Dips

• Sweet Desserts 


The College Chef Cookbook has an extensive glossary and index created to assist you in the process of your preparations and lead to the pleasure of enjoying these wonderful tasty dishes. Quick, easy, affordable, and delicious!


The College Chef Cookbook’s recipes have each been organized with a list of all the needed ingredients, and easy-to-follow directions on how to make them to perfection. Food is essential to life; therefore, make it great!

College Chef Cookbook 6x9

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