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The Coke Works gift basket features the real thing, Coca-Cola… and everything it takes to turn a Coke into a celebration. Coke Works is available in four sizes to fit any budget and any size celebration!


Sweet and savory snacks of all descriptions abound in this large natural willow basket. Make any event a celebration with the Coke Works gift basket. Extra Large


Coke Snack Works Gift Basket (Over-sized Box XL) 82020

  • 4 Cokes 12 oz Rold Gold Pretzels Nacho Cheese Dip Hot Bean Dip Planters Peanuts 2 Single Serving Oreos 2 Microwave Popcorn Peanut M&M's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Nestle Crunch Bar Skittles/ Plain M&M's Tostitos Chips Crunch & Munch Chex Mix 2 Single Serve Chips A Hoy Cookies Natural Willow Md Basket
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