Read the story that placed Antonio Berry a/k/a Tony Berry from the Coastal Towns of Moss Point/Pascagoula Mississippi on a life course only to be double crossed and left to die in a federal prison by his most trusted friends and confidents. Unbelievable he has resurrected and ascended upon the freeway of life once again.
Tony came from a prominent, business, political orientated working middle class family. His rebellious nature caused him to choose the street life opposite of his family beliefs and wishes. Contrary to being an honor student in High School, the streets were calling Tony and he was destine and insisted on answering. His plan and idea was to become a major figure in the underworld. Tony drives/ride you through the streets of many States and Cities across America while he executed the street game of Short con.
Many have heard but it's doubted by Tony that you understand the game to be played and executed the way he presents it to you in his story. His story ventures into the world of greed, Larsen, deceit and often time sex. Most say they would have killed the 5' 7 and a half light skin complexion man for such a cold blooded premeditated perpetuated act of con. Tony says to those, don't hate the Coast Playa's, and don’t even hate the game. View it as a lesson well learned.

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Coast Playa's by Antonio Berry

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