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The E-Book/EPub version of Celebrity Female Star Power
*This is a digital copy of this book - not a physical copy.


Celebrity Female Star Power: The Millionaire Prisoner’s Address Book


Want to contact your favorite female celebrity? Ever wished you could write for a free photo, get an autograph, or a letter back? But you didn’t know how or where to send your letter? Well, now you can because this book shows you how!


Inside Celebrity Female Star Power, you learn how to:


Contact your favorite female celebrities and public personalities

Get free celebrity photos

Obtain autographs that you could sell

Use celebrity female and male birthdays (with over 2,300 birthdays!)


Over 4,500 female celebrity addresses including:


2,900 actresses (and porn stars)

800+ athletes

240+ models

600+ musicians

300+ writers


Real sample letters that you can use to write your letters!


CAUTION: This book is only for those people who want to contact female celebrities and start getting responses today!


“Josh Kruger has done it again. Other companies may offer lists but nothing like the thousands of addresses in this book. This book is worth hundreds of dollars!! The price alone makes this book a steal. If you like celebs as I do, this book is a MUST have for you too.” - A. Meyer, IL


Celebrity Female Star Power E-Book

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