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Make their Halloween scary story telling time even more indulgent with this awesome Halloween bouquet stuffed full of treats for every little goblin to enjoy!

Boo Mania Halloween Bouquet 914372

  • Boo Halloween box Mini Oreo Bites Cookies Halloween Pretzels Bats and Pumpkins (2 pkg) Jett Puff Halloween fruit flavored Halloween shaped marshmallows Gummy Skeletons (2 pcs) Reese's peanut Putter filled Halloween Pumpkin Hershey classic chocolate bar mini Kit Kat chocolate bar mini Skulls & Bones Sweet Tarts Gummy bugs Eyeball lollipop Bat Bats Halloween box with bats & goblins candies Monster ball and cup game Trick or Treat Halloween microwave popcorn 2 Friendly Ghosts Chocolate cream loli-pops (Includes tissue plumes and festive Halloween bow)
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