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In the Bath Time Baby gift basket, the Plush Momma duck is followed by the baby ducks. Cozy bath accessories include a hooded bath towel, a baby picture frame, and an ultra soft Duckling blanket.


Send the Bath Time Baby gift, available in 2 sizes, to your favorite bath time baby!


(Available in Blue, Yellow, and Pink)

Bath Time Baby Gift tub - Large 89091

  • Baby Wash Tub (12" round) Johnson & Johnson Tearless Baby Shampoo 7 oz. 12" Momma Duck and 3" baby duck Ultra plush baby duck security blanket 1 100% Cotton Tee Shirt Hooded Baby Bath Towel (various designs, not all are ducks) 2 Baby Caps 4 Terry Cloth Wash Cloths 5x7 Baby Picture Frame (holds a 3x5 photo) Rubber ducks (1 momma and two babies) Baby Bootie set (assorted styles) Baby Brush & Comb Set Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion 9 oz. Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash 9 oz.
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