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Soak the day away surrounded by the sweet scent of Sweet peas. This beautiful gift box is designed to pamper and rejuvenate the body and soul, presented in a keepsake floral gift box perfect for storing cherished items for years to come.


The luxurious Spa items begin with nourishing sweet pea bath items, soft terry cloth slippers, and exfoliating sugar scrub and we've even included some sweet treats to top off the spa day getaway.


These are full-size 10 oz bath products, not Trial sizes. They are of high-quality aromatic scents, not something found at a general store or any of our competitors. The scent is a light sweet pea.

A Spa Day Getaway Gift Box 8413732

  • decorative gift box, terry cloth bath slippers, chocolate truffle cookies, cashew Roca toffee chocolates, Chai latte, fizzing bath confetti, Fruit scented sugar bath scrub, hot or cold gel eye mask, soothing bath salts in a velvet sachet, 10 oz sweet pea scented bath gel, 10 oz sweet pea scented body lotion, 8 oz sweet pea scented refreshing body spray. Completed gift measures 11" long by 9" wide and 7" tall and weighs 4 pounds. (This gift comes closed as a gift box and tied with a hand made bow.)
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