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A chronicle of three years as experienced by the prisoners of the 113-year-old Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. A relic of the convict-lease system, Brushy was forced to close in 2009.


But not before men on the inside produced a publication that outlasted the prison and has been preserved here for your review.


You will learn how prisoners:

  • Navigate security and gangs
  • Manufacture leather goods
  • Produce art and literary works
  • Maintain their health
  • Conduct organizations
  • Celebrate holidays
  • Educate themselves
  • Worship
  • Construct buildings
  • Make donations to causes
  • Hold sporting events
  • Learn musical instruments
  • Do legal research
  • Communicate with the outside
  • Find simple entertainment


You will also learn impressive facts about Brushy Mountain, nicknamed by Tennesseans “The Alcatraz of the South.” Yet the prison’s record was not nearly as impressive as its namesake. The book reports on 156 felons who fled the TDOC, as well as Brushy’s most famous escapee, James Earl Ray.


$29.99 incl. S/H & Tracking.

All books shipped SEPARATELY to ensure acceptance into facility mailrooms.

A Prison Anthology: Brushy Mountain 2005-2007