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If you have a friend, family member, or loved one in federal custody you should not have to pay high long-distance charges to stay in contact with them. When an inmate makes a call to you and it is long distance (for calls within the US), the facility will charge the inmate 21¢ per minute. With the Phone Donkey service, we provide a phone number local to the facility, so the facility will only charge the inmate 6¢ a minute.
If you use the Phone Donkey service for 300 minutes a month you could save up to $33 a month.
Old cost at 21¢ per minute * 300 minutes = $63.00 a month.
New cost at 6¢ per minute * 300 minutes = $18.00 (paid by the inmate to the facility) plus the Phone Donkey service at $12.00 (paid by you to Phone Donkey) for 300 minutes = $30.00 a month. 


Products & Pricing


Trial Offer

  • 1 phone number

  • 15 minutes one time



  • 1 phone number

  • 30 minutes a month



  • 1 phone number

  • 60 minutes a month



  • 1 phone number

  • 300 minutes a month



  • Only for multiple inmates

  • 1 phone number

  • 600 minutes a month

















Phone: 855-420-0880


Phone Donkey


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