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Notes & Novels

Our company was founded in 2004 by an ex-offender and now has over 13 years experience providing stationery and books to inmates. We strive to provide a variety of products and exceptional customer service to all inmates at a reasonable price. From our experience we understand the needs, space restrictions, and regulations concerning obtaining stationery and books. Our approval as a TDCJ vendor and Nationwide vendor demonstrates our continuing goal to meet the needs of inmates, their families, and friends as well as keeping in compliance with TDCJ and Natiowide rules, regulations and restrictions.


Our catalog is over 95 pages with thousands of books to choose from, in the $2 to $4 range. Calendars, date books, journals, dictionaries, Bibles, greeting and note cards, envelopes, notebooks, paper and coloring books, including tattoo. Hours of business 9 to 6 CT. 



Products & Pricing


Books/Calendars/Date Books

Puzzles/Coloring Books & Tattoo


Note Cards/Notebooks/Envelopes


Order Our 95+ Page Book List. Thousands of books to choose from. Half of the books on the list are $2 or less.

Send $9 or 30 FCS.



12436 FM 1960 West (PMB 177-IMS)
Houston, TX 77065








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