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Hot Dreams

Get the nonnude super catalog package that has over 2,000 hot babes in panties, lingerie, thongs, and your favorite types of shots for only $15. Free S/H. To receive a 30-piece set of cameltoe shots and coeds of all sexy hot white babes send only $20 along with 4 stamps. They are hot. Got stamps? Send 50 stamps to get 10 nonnude hot pics. Send $27.00 to get nonnude catalogs.  

Products & Pricing




Super Catalog Package - $15

30 Piece Cameltoe &  Coeds - $20 + 4 stamps

10 Non -Nude Hot Pics - 50 Stamps


E-Mail Address:



Hot Dreams

P.O. Box 192

Dequincy, LA 70633


The above company is not affiliated with Freebird Publishers. For more information about this company contact them directly using any of the methods listed in the white area above.

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