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Freebird Publishers

Freebird Publishers in Taunton and North Dighton, Massachusetts, provides inmate services, prisoner publications, prisoner services, and products for the incarcerated. We also offer self-publishing services to inmates and their loved ones.

Freebird Publishers can professionally handle all of your publishing needs. We can assist you in every step of publishing your words into a printed or eBooks. We have a dedicated marketing and talented graphic design department to assist you in promoting your business.


Freebird Publishers offers prisoner publications, resource books, guides, collectible artwork photos, greeting cards, and other niche items created for and by incarcerated individuals. Our goal is to help prisoners stay informed, allowing them to better themselves and their families upon release and become a stronger person getting ready for reentry. We work with all inmates within all the levels of Federal BOP, state prisons, and county jails in the country.



We provide 5 of the 7 national prisoner publications in America.

  • The A Year of Corcoran Sun book, 12 issues in one book of a prison yard monthly newsletter

  • Inmate Shopper, a book of resources for inmates serivces and much more

  • The Best 500 Non Profit Organizations for Prisoners and Their Families, a prisoner resource book.

    Freebird Publishers are dedicated to and specialize in inmate services, prisoners services and incarcerated services.

Freebird Publishers
Services / Products: 
  • Publishing & Graphic Design

  • Marketing & Advertising, Promotions

  • Create EBooks or Paper Bound Books

  • Self Publishing Services

  • Greeting Cards, Customized & Sign & Mail Service

  • Create Your Artwork into Custom Cards

  • Gifts & Shopping Services


Freebird Publishers
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