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The Season of Giving is a Special Time of the Year

There can be no doubt that the holiday season changes people throughout America. The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, and others can be seen almost everywhere collecting money for the less fortunate. Retailers, churches, and publishers are making efforts to bring joy to the homeless. All this combined with the natural spirit of mankind to help one another helps America see hope in almost every corner of life for nearly two months. Almost.

It's sad to say but there are still over two million people in cold dark places that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions don't care about, places not even Oprah Winfrey, Charles Koch, or Kim Kardashian can reach with all their riches. There are places in America that the holidays are almost powerless to brighten.

The places that go almost untouched by the joy of the season are our American Prisons. What goes unsaid and is all but unknown is that millions of dollars are spent to keep the joy and peace of the season out of the prisons of this country. They are manned mostly by vindictive and abusive people who concentrate on maintaining a constant state of irritation where joy is unable to glow. Guards are well known to take and/or destroy all things that a prisoner possesses, receives, or makes that the guards believe may be unauthorized, and most guards are particularly critical during the holiday season.

This state of being places a heavy burden on the loved ones of prisoners to bear. They can't go to Walmart for a gift idea for a prisoner, nor can they send a gift card because the prisoner is hard-to-buy-for. That means that, without more, they would just be out of luck when it comes to giving a gift to a prisoner.

Available now are relatively new and accepted methods of giving gifts to incarcerated loved ones. What's most important to realize is that after becoming incarcerated a loved one's wants and needs change. And, coupled with the limitations placed over the holiday season by prison staff and policies, most of the usual gift ideas are no longer possible to fulfill.

It's the experience of those who care, along with catalogs like the "Inmate Shopper", together, with the help of companies like Freebird Publishers that serves to rescue the holiday spirit. It's only with this scope of assistance that the American people can fill that holiday gift giving need for an incarcerated loved one. Not only does the staff at Freebird Publishers understand the wants and needs of prisoners, they also know what a prisoner is allowed to receive. For those out there who can't decide what to send, they can establish a website Personal Prepaid Account that can be easily funded by loved ones. The Freebird Publishers Personal Prepaid Accounts work much like a gift card which lets the prisoner decide what they need and the staff at Freebird Publishers will arrange all the shipping needs upon the request of the incarcerated loved one.

For more information about sending your incarcerated loved one a holiday gift, visit:

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