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The Race Has Started the Holidays Are Right Around The Corner

The end of the year is a time when everyone thinks about giving gifts to others. Whether we plan an event, schedule a holiday dinner, or just walk around town, it's impossible to escape the thoughts of the holidays. On every TV and radio, printed in every newspaper and magazine, and even on billboards, all the major retailers are reminding America that the season is close at hand. The big ones like Walmart, Amazon, and Freebird Publishers all help everyone to fill gift giving lists all the way down to the hardest to buy for. But there are none harder to buy for than those who are incarcerated. And, even harder is a prisoner's ability to buy for his or her family and friends.

It's not a big secret that prisons are dark and lonely places that consist of concrete, security guards, and bad food. Those things, however, are easily absorbed by time as prisoners are subjected to them daily. Often prisoners joke among themselves about how bad prison food and other conditions are as they suffer through them. But, the one thing that a prisoner can never get used to be the inability to give a gift to the people that they love. Prisoners are not allowed to shop at Walmart for their children's birthdays, they can't access to buy books for their grandparents, nor can they use a credit card to buy flowers for their wives and husbands.

Prisoners don't have hard-to-buy-for people on their Christmas list, their list usually consists of a large group of, impossible-to-buy-for, loved ones who miss them terribly. That means that the greatest gift that a prisoner can receive is the ability to give a gift to someone that they love.

In today's market one retailer stands out from the rest as they make the gift of giving available to prisoners Nationwide. They have created a marketplace, that's available to the incarcerated community, along with methods of payment that prisoners are allowed to use, and all is available to prisoners in between the covers of the "Inmate Shopper". This catalog contains thousands of gift ideas that prisoners can send to loved ones. Some of the listed gifts are exclusively provided and distributed by only one company. The catalog contains a long line of books, jewelry, fragrances, stuffed animals, gift baskets, clothing, and much more. With one single purchase everyone can give their incarcerated loved one the gift of giving, give them the ability to feel connected to their family by letting them give a gift too.

For more information about helping a prisoner give a gift to a loved one or more information about the "Inmate Shopper", visit:


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