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Self-Improvement Has Been One of the Longest Running National Efforts for Most Americans

It makes no difference whether talking about weight loss, memory enhancement, or reaching for success. Self-improvement is the best way to obtain the goals that people strive to achieve. In today's market there are hundreds of books and videos. Nightly TV programming, newspapers, and magazines- they all have a variety of listings. There are hundreds of authors who write about self-improvement like Wendy Nolin, Stephen R. Covey, and Vic Johnson and they also speak at regularly scheduled seminars. There is no doubt that self-improvement is available to most Americans. The ones who are left out, however, are the ones who need it the most- American prisoners.

When our neighbors fall into despair and resort to criminal activity, for one reason or another, they are in need of personal change. When they are caught, they are then prosecuted and imprisoned for a long time, at huge expense to the taxpayers. Americans assume that while imprisoned that inmates are being educated and reformed thereby justifying the billions of dollars that are spent. This, however, is simply just not the case. In today's criminal justice system prisoners are left to decide on their own to seek rehabilitation. They must find their own self-improvement or be destined to be among the large number of prisoners who return to prison after their release.

A new effort has emerged in the 21st century. A large number of influential people and companies alike have recognized the need for change and have now stepped up to make a difference. They realize that prisoners don't often change unless they are exposed to new influences while in prison.

Now, more than ever, big names like Kim Kardashian- West, Freebird Publishers, and Fair Shake have made known that they will make a difference by filling the void. These names have, in their own capacity, led an effort to make life different for prisoners and the communities that they are returning to.

One of the most influential efforts is a prison writers' effort. Writing makes an especially big change for prisoners for two reasons. One, writing is therapeutic because it provides an avenue for positive expression; and two, writing provides a future income which diverts a prisoner's thoughts from their next crime to their next book.

Some of the latest examples of successful prison authors are Mike Enemigo, William J. Patterson, and Kelly Patrick Riggs. These three authors, with the help of Freebird Publishers, transformed their time in prison into an opportunity to change their own futures. With over two million people incarcerated throughout the United States more prisoners should be encouraged to follow their lead.

Learning to write in prison is one of the few opportunities that a prisoner has to achieve self-improvement. It also requires the guidance and access that can only be provided by a professional publisher.

Publishing for prisoners is a special art that very few companies engage in. This in itself makes the publishing process especially challenging for incarcerated Americans. But, is readily available to those who want to help their incarcerated loved make a positive change in their life.

Writing a first book from prison may also qualify as "productive activities" as defined by The First Step Act. Providing the potential of earning additional good time that can be applied to a current or future federal sentence.

To learn more about how your incarcerated loved one can become a professional author while in prison, visit:


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