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Protestors Demand Prison Reform in Alabama's State Capitol

As protestors in Alabama's State Capitol continue to take to the streets, in hopes of correcting the most notorious prison system in the country, Freebird Publishers ( takes notice. Alabama is known for the most overcrowded prison system in the world. They are also the most violent prisons in the country. As organizations from all over Alabama make themselves heard in the capitol, Freebird publishers step up to make Post Conviction Relief more available to Alabama State prisoners

The single greatest dysfunction of the Alabama State prison system is the denial of parole to prisoners who have been rehabilitated and are qualified under the State's own standards. This is likely caused by the Governor's own internal memo that describes all prisoners as violent and undeserving regardless of the State's publicly announced criteria. It has been alleged that Governor Ivey stated that even prisoners suspected of being innocent are to be held as long as possible.

Freebird Publishers was shocked by the Alabama State Governor's alleged position and planned steps to open an avenue for prisoners who are eligible for other forms of relief. For the prisoners who are innocent or over-sentenced in the Alabama State prisons, returning to their families is paramount. In an exercise of great compassion, Freebird Publishers partnered with best-selling author Kelly Patrick Riggs for the purpose of helping Alabama State prisoners file for post-conviction relief.

Kelly Patrick Riggs is a nationally known expert in the field of Post-Conviction Relief. His expertise is centered on teaching prisoners and their families how to file for relief on their own or when their own lawyer fails to protect their client's rights.

In his latest book (available for pre-order now) Kelly Patrick Riggs explains the State Post-Conviction Relief process and particularizes the process used in The State of Alabama. This new book (Post Conviction Relief: The Advocate) covers Rule 32 petitioning and the eventual Federal Court Habeas Corpus filing most successful prisoners have used. This new book goes a step further to publish some of the work that Mr. Riggs has prepared for real prisoners in the State of Alabama.

For more information about Post Conviction Relief for Alabama State prisoners, visit

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