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Positive Influences Have Shaped the Futures of the Most Recognized Names in History

Throughout the world it's been a common practice to reference the written word to supplement the people's ability to understand subjects that are new to them. Whether it's law, religion, education, self-help, or entertainment the people of today rely on what they read to fill the voids, to enhance their ability to succeed. From the beginning of time people have depended on the experience and creativity of authors to develop a sound level of intellect and shape the future of humanity. Authors, likewise, rely on professional publishers to bring their work to the market that is most in need.

One of the greatest examples of influence shaping the future is happening in America right now. The criminal justice reform movement has reached far and wide as it has swept across both sides of Congress, The office of The President of the United States, prisoners, and entertainers. The American people, politicians, and even the normally reserved religious groups are crying out for change, and they are seeking the views of current authors for sound ideas.

In recent news the globally known author John Grisham was featured as an advocate for a man he believed to be falsely accused of murder. But even Mr. Grisham's voice wouldn't be heard had it not been for a great publisher in the beginning of his career. Likewise, well known author Kelly Patrick Riggs would still be an average federal prisoner had it not been for the work performed by Freebird Publishers.

In 2016, Mr. Riggs was a highly motivated inmate who had become a well-known Jailhouse Lawyer and an advocate for criminal justice reform. Despite his advancements in the study of federal law he was limited to his area of influence- his fellow inmates in the federal Correctional Institution in Oakdale, Louisiana. Once discovered by Freebird Publishers in 2016, Mr. Riggs published his first book. In late 2019, he released "How-To Write Your Own Check" and his "Ineffective Assistance of Counsel" book, among others.

Mr. Riggs has also moved into the public's view as an advocate for change far beyond just criminal justice reform. He stands out from other advocates because of his bird's-eye-view of the ineffectiveness of the superficial rehabilitative efforts made by the Federal Bureau of Prison. He sees what has worked in the past and what has not. He knows first-hand what worked for him and he can see the successful future that stands in front of him now.

Mr. Riggs is living proof that with a solid positive influence an American prisoner can change his life forever. For a potential author that change starts with the efforts of a caring and professional publisher who makes the author's success their first priority. For Kelly Patrick Riggs that professional publisher was Freebird Publishers.

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