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Former Inmate Gives Back with Publications to Prisoners

While serving her sentence in 2008, Diane Schindelwig quickly realized that there were no books with information resources for inmates while inside. It was then she knew what she needed to do. Being from a business background in education and years of experience a plan was formed. Diane was going to create a solution for those she would leave behind when she was freed. Diane might have had years of experience and knowledge in the business world but knew nothing about publishing books or graphic design, but that was not stopping her, she was dedicated to her new mission and she would get it done. As Diane laid out the business plans, she looked around at what was right in front of her inside the prison walls. Diane realized there was a wealth of extremely gifted inmates. All they needed were the correct tools and a publisher that understood firsthand how to navigate the prison system. That's where Freebird Publishers comes in, the company's motto being "We service all your outside needs with inside knowledge." Freebird Publishers offers prisoner publications like Inmate Shopper, resource books, resource books, legal books and guides, how-to books, entertainment photo books, cookbooks and other niche items created for and by incarcerated individuals. Freebird Publishers goals are to help prisoners allowing them to better ready themselves and their families upon release and become a stronger person getting ready for reentry. They work with all inmates within all the levels of incarceration, Federal BOP, state prisons and county jails in the country and have expanded internationally too. Freebird Publishers are dedicated to and specialize in inmate services, prisoners' services and incarcerated services. Some of the publications written by prisoners include the following: INMATE SHOPPER, BOOKS OF RESOURCES FOR INMATE SERVICES 1000+ Listings AMERICA'S LARGEST Resources for Inmate Services. Everything an inmate needs from the outside while in prison is available in this book. Annual split year issue will be released mid-year every year to come. All new content in each issue, constantly updated with products, services, resources, news, sport schedules, sexy non nude photo spread, pen pal section & more. THE BEST 500+ NON PROFIT ORGS FOR PRISONERS and THEIR FAMILIES America's only up to date & comprehensive print resource of nonprofit orgs specifically for prisoners. Over 500 plus Listings. All new entries and sections, Registry of Motor Vehicles by state, Social Security by state, Internal Revenue Service by state and region, Immigration by state and U.S. Congress by state and district. Plus new added content, Reentry Services by state, SNAP by state, Salvation Army by territory, American Red Cross by state and Jobs for Felons. PRISON HEALTH HANDBOOK The Prison Health Handbook is a one-stop go-to source for information on how to maintain best health while inside the American prison system. Filled with information, tips, and secrets from doctors, gurus, and other experts, this book will educate on such things as proper workout and exercise regimens; yoga benefits for prisoners; how to meditate effectively; pain management tips; sensible dieting solutions; nutritional knowledge; an understanding of various cancers, diabetes, hepatitis, and other diseases all too common in prison; how to effectively deal with mental health issues such as stress, PTSD, anxiety, and depression; a list of things doctors DON'T want anyone to know; and much, much more! This book also includes the rights to adequate medical care while in prison, and how to effectively advocate for medical needs, should anyone need to do so! CELL CHEF COOKBOOK I & II The Cell Chef Cookbook I & II is filled with hundreds of fantastic recipes, that can be simply made with everyday, commonly sold commissary/store foods. Every recipe has been tried and thoroughly tested. Loved by everyone. In the Cell Chef Cookbook I & II the recipes are divided into four sections. The Cell Chef Cookbook I & II, have an extensive Glossary and Index, created to assist anyone in the process of food preparations and leading to the pleasure of enjoying these wonderful, tasty dishes. The Cell Chef Cookbook's recipes have each been organized with a list of all the needed ingredients, and easy-to-follow directions on how to make them to perfection. POST-CONVICTION RELIEF: THE APPEAL No Fairy Tales, Just Appeals. The appeals process taught to lawyers in layman's terms. In this book receive instructions, to the layman, concerning every filing individually. Step-by-Step; Rule-by-Rule, Learn the Appeal Process; Notice of Appeal; Designation of The Record; Certificate of Appealability; Operational Habits of The Court Clerks; Briefs; Rules; Applicable Laws; And Much More...Sample Letters, Sample Forms, Sample Briefs, Motions for Rehearing, En Banc, all anyone needs to know about winning an appeal.

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