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New Book for Prisoners - Prisoner Survival Skills: How-to Make Something from Nothing

We take things for granted in society, if we need something, we go to the store, order online or make it. Well, it is apparently not so simple for those that find themselves behind bars in prison. Inside a prisoner usually cannot even purchase the item they need or want from commissary (prison store). Over the years prisoners have learned to create things. The knack for making something out of nothing started with those that had needs that could not be met. Inside prison, the trash we throw away every day, like packaging on everyday items, empty containers, jars, bags etc., all can be turned into something with a brand-new purpose. With a little ingenuity, some creativity, positive thinking, and trial and error. If you are interested in reading about how prisoners live everyday and get by. Or if you like learning different ways to make things that seem impossible. Prisoner Survival Skills will give you a glimpse of the inner workings inside today's prisons and prison life. Prisoner Survival Skills is filled with projects that are easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Each project has graphics to assist you. Some of projects included in this book are how to make rosaries, how to put TV on your radio, make a speaker, make a soda can element stinger, make a 24V tattoo gun, make tattoo ink and much more. How to Make a Prison Lighter "Prison lighters" were depicted in the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black". Making one involves a crafty use of resources by inmates to fashion a lighter from supplies they have available to them. 1. Grab the gum wrapper. Remove the gum itself. Then unfold the gum wrapper until it's fully flat. Cut a thin strip of the gum wrapper (length-wise). 2. Fold the gum wrapper strip. Then fold it in half (length-wise) and cut the edge that you just made by folding it, to make the middle even thinner. You need to do this in order for the electricity to flow from each ends of the battery to the center where they will touch. 3. Attach the battery. Take one side of the strip and attach it to the "+" side of the battery. Then take the "other side of the strip and attach it to the "-" side of the battery. 4. Wait. If the fire doesn't start right away there may be a delay, so wait as it can take 1 second to 1 minute for negative side to touch the positive side and make it hot enough for the plastic on the other side to catch fire. How to Make a Prison Lighter Using Tin Foil Get the tin foil. You're going to want to cut it into a thin line that's just a bit smaller than your baby finger and fold it (length-wise). Next cut the edge that has been made when you folded the strip to make it thinner than the strip itself, in order for both the negative and positive side connect and heat up. 2. Place the negative and positive sides of the battery on the tin foil. Take one side of the tin foil strip and put it on the plus side of the battery. 3. Do the same with the other side. Again, there may be a delay it can take 1 second to a 3 minute for the tin foil to catch fire. Copies may be purchased on

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