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Introducing published prisoner author, Josh Kruger In The Millionaire Prisoner, author Josh Kruger tells us of his shared system of reading called "The Art of Reading Non-Fiction" that he learned from his mentor, Zig Ziglar. Here's how you can use the steps in that system to get the most from any book: 1. Read through the book quickly to get the gist of the message, underlining or highlighting the things that really "grab" you. Only stop to look up words you don't know or write them down to look up later. This first reading allows you to become familiar with the book. 2. As you read this book the second time, keep a notebook of ideas generated by the book that you can personally use. The objective is not to see how quickly you can get through the book, but what you can get out of the book. 3. In your third reading, invest time and patience in gleaning additional ideas you may be missing in your second reading. Carefully examine each chapter. Go over what you have highlighted or underlined. Put anything you missed in your notebook. 4. The fourth reading will enable the book to become an integral part of you, enhancing your effectiveness. After this reading, you can place the book in your collection, and it will be a treasure trove, ready and willing to supply you with any knowledge you may need. 5. Find other people who have read the book, or share it with them, and then discuss it together to see what they got out of it. You may gain additional insights from their ideas and thoughts that you didn't see on your own. Josh has used the above system of reading over the years and he knows that it works. Try it out yourself. You'll be amazed at the results. About Josh Kruger In 1999, Josh Kruger was arrested for felony murder, home invasion, and robbery. At the subsequent bench trial in 2000, he received a direct verdict of acquittal, when the state refused to participate over an evidence dispute. Kruger was released, but eventually rearrested and convicted in a 2003 jury trial and sentenced to life in prison. After reading several of Zig Ziglar's books, Kruger reached out to the late, great motivational speaker and began corresponding with Ziglar. He adopted Zig's philosophy that you can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want. Tired of depending on friends and family for support, the graduate of Crown Financial Ministries decided to leverage his extensive juvenile and adult prison experiences into a freelance writing career. In 2011, Kruger launched his micropublishing empire from his maximum-security prison cell by self-publishing two booklets, How to Get Free Pen Pals and How to Win Your Football Pool. Prison authorities seized his property and threw him in segregation by alleging that he was violating prison rules. Not to be dismayed, Kruger kept going and published his first book, The Millionaire Prisoner The Millionaire Prisoner to help prisoners find their cellpreneurial calling and to look for the opportunities in life instead of the obstacles. Pen Pal Success: The Ultimate Proven Guide to Getting & Keeping Pen Pals is his second book and is based on his own personal experiences from behind the iron veil of prison. The third book, Cellpreneur: The Millionaire Prisoner's Guidebook is a how to book that explains the obstacles you face should you choose to journey down the cellpreneur path. How does Josh know? Because he started two different businesses from behind bars, legally. Josh Kruger's fourth book is Celebrity Female Star Power: The Millionaire Prisoner's Address Book is filled with firsthand knowledge and instructions of contacting celebrities with success. Josh's mission is to change lives, one prisoner at a time.

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