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The Power Of Setting Goals | Setting goals in Prison

Are you the type of person who regularly sets goals? If yes, good on you – you are already on the right track towards a more positive life. If not, you should start taking advantage of the power of goal setting in improving your life.

If you don’t write your goals, you’re not alone. Back then, I wasn’t into it myself.

The Power Of Setting Goals | Setting Goals in Prison

I’ve heard many people say to me that I should write down my goals because in doing so I’d be able to achieve them. I was really incredulous at the whole thing. I thought, “You mean, if I write down all my goals then somehow all the solutions to my problems would magically appear?”. Back then, I scoffed at these people and found the entire concept of putting down your goals on paper to be absolutely ridiculous.

These days though, the opposite is completely true. I’ve witnessed how effective writing my goals has been in actually achieving them. And this is something that I plan to continue doing, because doing it is so transformative.

Fact: 99% of all successful people write down their goals regularly. We’re talking daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. These people who get to enjoy the success they have in their lives are able to do so thanks to their regular goal setting habits.

To be clear, I know some people who don’t write down their goals. They just wing it and focus on what they think needs to be done. Often, they are able to accomplish things, but what I always tell them is that if they make a habit out of goal setting and writing their goals, their achievements and results would be ten times better.

A Map to The Buried Treasure

You can think about goal setting and writing down your goals as drawing a map of how to get to the buried treasure or the end results that you want to attain. Having a “map” that guides you to success will ensure that you attain it in the soonest possible time. Not having a map can still bring you results, but without the exact directions it is likely that you will be taking a variety of routes that will delay your arrival to your destination.

In this article, I want to share with you some goals that I wrote in the past – goals that I’ve written down in detail. I’ve also written beside it some notes on how I’m doing now when it comes to meeting that goal.

These goals were goals that I’ve written while I was in prison in 2013.

Keep in mind the fact that I was determined to maintain focus on writing down these goals in a hostile environment that makes concentration on the positive things really difficult. I had read Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, and was prompted to put into writing some sort of guide that I can look forward to when I got out. I wanted something hopeful to hold on to until the day I could get out and restart my life.

My goals included:

  1. Personal Development Goals

  • I want to be married to my fiancé. (now my wife)

  • I want to have kids with my fiancé. (not at the moment, but hopefully soon!)

  • I want to learn how to control my emotions and instantly stop my frustration patterns. (I used to be so angry, but now I can become cool-headed in a snap)

  • I want to be there for God and worship Him. (I always attend church regularly)

  • I want to learn how to speak Tagalog. (I know a few words and my wife is teaching me more, but eventually I’ll be able to speak it fluently)

  • I want to master my financial savings and investments. (I’m still learning up to this day!)

  • I want to master my communication skills. (which led me to my blog, YouTube page, etc. – I’ve got many more hours to go in building this)

  • I want to continue my fitness goals with my fiancé, and continue my diet in a healthy way. (I did nothing but read and exercise in prison, when I got out I kind of fell of the wagon but am now back at it again)

  • I want to quit all bad habits and addictive personalities. (smoking, drugs, alcohol and – everything completely cleared off save for the occasional glass of wine with some steak)

  • I want to be an actor in the Philippines. (I’m not sure why I wrote that, but for the time being I’m “on screen” via my YouTube channel)

  1. Career, Business and Economic Goals

  • In one year, I want to make $50,000 a year. (might seem like nothing to some people, but for me this is significant coming from making $4 per day in prison)

  • I want to earn $500,000 per year. (one day in this lifetime… I’m going to get to that point. I truly believe that.)

  • I want to retire when I’m 50 years old. (pretty farfetched, but I truly feel like I’m retired now because I wake up happy and looking forward to bringing value to your life – things that many retired people do)

  • I would like to invest $5500 in TDs. (I now invest more than ten times of that amount in my tax-free savings account)

  • I want to balance my investments every January. (which I consistently do every January)

  • I want to save money for my kids’ college fund. (I’ve saved enough for my future kids)

  • I want to be a foreman in my trade. (I’m no longer in that industry so I’m not keen on this)

  • I want to be a multi-millionaire in 1-15 years. (getting there! More to learn, but I’ll get there)

  1. Toys and Adventure Goals

  • I want to buy property with my wife. (I bought a condo two years ago)

  • I want to buy my fiancé/wife a car. (I was able to get her an RS-X two years ago)

  • I want to buy a car for myself. (I ended up purchasing a nice truck which I am really happy about – though my new goal is getting a Ferrari 458 Italia, hopefully soon)

  • I want to buy a Bayliner yacht. (not my goal right now, due to a mind shift – but eventually when the time comes I’ll get around to buying that)

  • I want to buy property in the Philippines. (my wife and I are now looking to buy a place in Subic, Olongapo)

  • I want to buy multiple properties for investments (I truly believe in hitting that mark, starting with property in the Philippines and others soon to come)

  • I want to buy multiple cars in my collection. (I want Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis – all in the future)

  • I want to travel the world with my fiancé/wife. (been to the Philippines three times, Japan and around Canada)

  • I want to go to the Marianas Trench concert every year with my wife. (we’ve never missed a concert every year, my wife loves this band)

  • I want to buy my fiancé/wife a bigger diamond ring. (I got engaged before I entered prison, so money was tight and a decent sized ring was all I could afford. But the moment I got out and made investments I also got her a bigger one because she deserves it)

  • I want to buy my wife multiple gift cards every year. (I basically want to buy her everything)

And that’s it. I just want to reiterate that I wrote these in 2013 while in prison. When everything seemed so farfetched. But looking at it now, I can say that I’ve achieved almost 75% of the things I wrote. I find that very amazing and a true testament to the power of goal setting and writing down your goals no matter how wild they seem to be.

If you already write down your goals, I’m sure you get me. You get the power of writing down your goals – and then going on to achieve them. It’s the best feeling in the world, right?

And for people who are feeling skeptical, you just have to try it out. It might seem silly writing down your goals on a piece of paper, but that’s one way towards growth and a positive life. Each time you write down a goal, you visualize yourself with it. It gives you a target to reach out for. You may veer off from time to time, but one look at your “map” and seeing your target will put you right back on track.

Start Small, Finish Big

It doesn’t always have to be complex. Work on your map with the simplest stuff, and then let it grow as you go along. Always remember that as you grow and accomplish more, you are free to change your goal setting list – adding to it, removing stuff you’ve already accomplished, and determining what new heights to scale this time. Before you know it, you’ll get there.


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