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Do pen pals REALLY make a difference to the incarcerated?

YES! The prison industry is a large one and can be a profitable one for

many undeserving companies and organizations that make promises to inmates that they know cannot be kept. They often times take advantage and take money from both the inmates and their loved ones playing on their emotions to find them some kind of companionship while loved ones on the outside still have to deal with the day to day of life in the free world....BUT not all companies are the same. PENACON is not the same.

Freebird Publishers | Inmate Publications

After the fresh investment of a new website and marketing initiatives, Penacon is already reaping the praise from inmates who have found connections that have made a remarkable difference in their quality of life. Inmate, Michael Welch, happily took the time to write to Penacon to thank them for their service. Why? Because he found his soulmate. It is possible!

Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

Studies have shown that prisoners said having a pen pal helped them:

feel less isolated

make changes to their self-identity

boost their happiness through having a distraction from the routine of prison life

and raise their hopes for life beyond prison

Inmates or their loved ones can purchase ads and begin the journey of finding someone to share life with. Click here for pricing information, packages and tips!

Having doubts about writing a prisoner? It’s understandable to be hesitant about writing someone who is in prison. Keep in mind, not all who are incarcerated are guilty of hideous crimes. There really are some good people who are just looking for someone to help make their day a little brighter.

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