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Freebird Publishers Presents Kitty Kat, Safari, Parade, and Other Adult Non Nude Entertainment Resources

October 24, 2017

Prison-friendly, non-nude photo collections and entertainment resources for the incarcerated.


Freebird Publishers specializes in offering a variety of publications and sexy photo books are a staple in our product selection. Always mindful of prison regulations, these collections offer non-nude photos of sexy women as well as informational resources regarding adult entertainment.




Non-Nude Photo Book


Soft Shots features full-color, gloss, non-nude photos for your viewing pleasure. With a different photo on every page, enjoy beautiful ladies dressed in sexy outfits and posing in alluring positions, from titillating school girls to saucy vixens. This gorgeous publication boasts $100+ worth of sexy photos, all for one low price.


Softcover, 8.25x5.25”, gloss color, 150 pages 




Non-Nude Photo Book


With a different photo on every page, these sexy girls are truly on parade. Sexy Girl Parade features titillating non-nude photos in full color, with a different photo on every page. With over $100 worth of sexy photos in one book, the price just can’t be beat.


Softcover, 8x3.6”, gloss color, 124 pages