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5 Nonprofit Organizations for Prisoners and Their Families

Freebird Publisher | Inmate Publications

Life doesn’t become simpler for people who go to jail. Although it’s easy to assume that, once incarcerated, inmates are given a set schedule and have little else to worry about, life can actually be quite difficult and complicated.

Families are strained and restricted when it comes to visitation and some families choose to disappear from the lives of their inmate all together.

Prison life is no picnic, either. There are dangers and difficulties that inmates face every day. And once released, there are many who discriminate against ex-inmates, making readjusting even more difficult than it already is.

Knowing the struggles that inmates and their families face, thousands have put together nonprofit organizations designed specifically to help inmates and their families through all steps of life. Here are five that could help you:

  1. Adopt an Inmate. This organization connects volunteers with inmates to help create an extended family for inmates.

  1. Human Kindness Foundation. This organization is committed to helping prisoners as well as prison staff recognize their strength and purpose as human beings and help them behave accordingly.

  1. Center on Wrongful Convictions. This organization (as well as its sister organizations “Center on Wrongful Convictions – Women’s Project” and “Center on Wrongful Convictions of You”) accept cases of actual innocence and provides education to the public about relevant issues.

  1. All of Us or None. This organization is an initiative of inmates and former inmates come together to combat discrimination that they face after their sentence has been served.

  1. Pathways to Hope Prison Dog Project. This organization offers inmates the opportunity to work with unwanted dogs. Doing so helps them develop a strong and loving bond with the dogs and teaches them to take care of another being and, in return, give and receive love.

For more information about these and other organizations designed to help inmates and their family members, check out our Publications section. At Freebird Publishers, we carry The Best 500+ Non Profit Organizations for Prisoners & Their Families – 4th Edition and other books to give inmates the resources they need to create a better relationship with their family, a better life for themselves, and to get the help they need.

Contact us now with any questions you may have.

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