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B-More Addicted A Writers Intro and Synopsis

There is no way to stop it. No possible way to contain it. But we know that it's there. It shows up in all manner of human behavior. Yet we are unable to glimpse what we cannot see. So we try to arrest it. This is done with red brick and cement block. Handcuffs, steel bars, and chain-link fences. We have even attempted to calm it with medicine. But none of these methods were sufficient. All were done in futility. Why?

Well because it's spiritual. It cannot be touched physically. It's of a universal nature, it transcends borders, and it seeks to destroy everything in its path. People, places, and things. But please do not be confused. Because it is not a noun. It is the disease of addiction. And everyone I know has felt its sting. Whether through a co-worker or a family member. A close friend or a favorite celebrity. Like Jimi Hendrix. The innovator of heavy metal. Or Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The critically acclaimed actor. Both beloved masters of their craft. Both of whom fell victim to the disease of addiction. And ultimately losing their lives in the struggle. Proving that none are exempt.

My proposed work, B-More Addicted, delves into this deadly disease with a character driven plot that is complex. Yet it exposes the ugly truth directly related to addiction, and those the disease directly, or indirectly effects. Being in African American male from the streets of Baltimore, I have experienced addiction in many ways. I’ve dealt drugs, and l”ve used drugs. I’ve also seen many others doing the same. Marijuana, crack cocaine, alcohol, and heroin I know up close, and personal.

My criminal history can attest to this, and B-More Addicted exemplifies this. My proposed work takes the reader through the streets of Baltimore. A clearer understanding of the nature of addiction is achieved, causing the fruits of wisdom to spring forth. Insight into one of America’s most destructive cultures is imparted. Which ultimately will bring about change.

A slight breeze rustled the leaves of a nearby oak as they made love atop of Federal Hill in Downtown Baltimore. This brought the smell of salt water and steamed blue crabs wafting through the air on this beautiful summer evening. Renee smiled up at her husband, and said, "ABC Studios needs to Show this on Monday nights!"

Just beyond the wrought iron fence surrounding Federal Hill to the south a gang initiation is taking place. The young couple is totally unaware of the danger lurking in the form of a young street punk creeping up behind them. This is unfortunate. Because Renee heard the two gunshots while riding a wave of orgasmic pleasure. And though her release was physical, her husband's release was spiritual. And now Renee was left alone to raise their 2 year old son, Joseph Jr.

Some men in prison believe that their manhood is constantly being tested. This accounts for the many fights and stabbings that occur in prison on a daily basis. Evidence of primitive thought processes due to isolation and deprivation. There is one prisoner however, that fully understands the psychological warfare being perpetuated behind prison walls by the powers that be. His name is Russell Lobman. He has filed a civil suit against the State of Maryland in the U.S. District Court for violating his 4th, 8th, and 14th Amendment Rights of the U.S. Constitution. And due to his being of an indigent status, the U.S. Government has seen fit to appoint him legal representation with the law firm of Briggs, Coleman, and Stein. And thanks to the skillful research capability of an up and coming paralegal at the firm named Andrew Robertson, Russell's civil suit looks to be a slam dunk. On top of that, Russell just hooked up with a beautiful young lady named Karen Stokes who's funny, smart, and also loyal. She's vowed to start a new life with Russell upon his release, which he eagerly looks forward to.

Sherry Chambers was inside of a crowded courtroom with her best friend Joy when she first met Andrew. Not long after meeting, the two of them started dating. A few months down the road Sherry began to notice that Andrew's behavior had become erratic. This of course led her to suspect that Andrew had begun cheating on her. Which in a sense is true. Because there are two women in his life that he just can't seem to shake. What's ironic is the fact that these two women are sisters. The soft, cuddly one's name is Cocaine. She's the older of the two, and Andrew simply adores her. The shapely, hard bodied one's name is Crack. And she's really got Andrew picking short cotton. One day a mutual friend of theirs introduced him to their oldest brother. His name is Heroin and now he's fucking Andrew, too! Not up the ass, but up the nose. A very bizarre situation, being involved with a dysfunctional family that loves to fuck each other, and him. An incestuous speedball that's got some 'Jerry Springer shit' going on in the city of Baltimore.

Joy has been Sherry's sounding board since day one. But now she has begun working nights at a strip club called 'The Place', and Joy doesn't have the time she once had to kick it with Sherry. On this particular evening Joy was bone tired. Her lime green thong was still wet when she stepped out onto her dark street. The streetlights were casting an eerie glow that transformed the walnuts and sycamores on her block into ghastly scarecrows. Headlights resembling Leviathan eyes had suddenly approached, temporarily blinding her. Then she regained her sight and saw a regular at the club named Otis coming towards her. This elicited a scream, but Otis reacted to the scream with a punch to her face. And now silent, he threw Joy into his car. Took her to an undisclosed location, and raped her.

James Black is leading two lives with two common law wives. One is a computer programmer named Alisha. He refers to her as his 'Housewife'. But a sales representative named Tina he refers to as his 'Streetwife'. That is because Tina works for him inside of the 'Red Tops' open air drug organization in which James partners with Derrick Robinson. So Tina and James work very closely together on a daily basis. And like The Wizard of OZ, James has a good witch and a bad witch inside of his Emerald City. Two angels that are equally appealing. But where one dwells on high, the other one has fallen. 'Rejoice over her, 0 heaven, and you holy apostles and prophets. For GOD hath avenged you on her'. But this angel's fall was not from grace, nor is her name 'Babylon the Great'! Her name is Tina Jackson. The bad witch. And one bad bitch. Whose fall came courtesy of an armed robbery gone wrong that took the life of her husband and soul mate.

Sherry works the drive-thru window at Taco Bell part-time during the evening hours. One night in particular an all-black Mercedes Benz 500E pulled into the drive-thru. The occupant of which was Derrick Robinson. Unbeknownst to him, Sherry was at the time in a very vulnerable state. Nevertheless, Derrick shot his Jumper. Nothing but net as he sweet talked Sherry into going out on a date with him. And Sherry was definitely impressed with him. She relished in the fact that the two of them seemed to have a lot in common. Actually, they had more in common than either one of them knew. Because the dapper Derrick was none other than her estranged boyfriend Andrew's drug connect. Hence, his supplier.

Joy did not go to the police. If Otis even had an inkling that she'd went to the police, Joy believed that he would surely come to kill her. So out of fear, she called Keith 'Lil Willie' Spencer, the owner of the club. Who assured her that Otis would be dealt with accordingly for his sins. And when Joy entered the club the following evening, she was immediately summoned to 'Lil Willie's' office. After knocking on the door she heard muffled screams. Then she walked in. And what she saw once inside was reprehensible. Otis was tied to a small armchair. His mouth was covered with duct tape and his face was covered with blood. Then she looked down, and saw that both of Otis's hands had been cut off. A bloody hacksaw was thrown to the floor. This caused Joy's stomach to lurch. She left the office soon after. But the scene inside never left her. Her only escape became Heroin. Supplied to her by the dapper Derrick, A.K.A. Monk.

Everything then comes full circle. Andrew is now on the last leg of his run with cocaine and heroin. He's lost his job as a paralegal, he's lost his car, and now he's on the verge of eviction. So after months of avoiding Sherry due to humiliation and shame, he reluctantly calls her. He has no one else to turn to. His only hope is that she will give him the money he desperately needs to pay his rent. Or half of it. He planned to use the other half to score some drugs from Derrick. So he told Sherry everything. Almost everything. When Derrick got there things did not go quite as planned. Andrew had no idea that Sherry knew Derrick. Sherry had no idea that Derrick knew Andrew. And Derrick could not believe that Andrew knew Sherry. But then Sherry quickly realized that Derrick was Andrew's supplier~ and threatened to call the police if he didn't leave right away. So he quickly left. Was gone without a trace. Tina searched long and hard for comfort. She found the illusion of comfort in Southern Comfort. This led her to the streets looking for an escape. Because to escape the pain of losing her husband was preferable to her than to live comfortably in the pain. And smoking crack provided her that escape. But then James came along. He showed her that the illusion of escape is just as futile as the illusion of comfort. So he won her loyalty and trust. She left the crack alone and began attending N.A. And not long after getting clean, James and Tina fell in love. Russell Lobman and Karen Stokes had fallen in love, too. But Russell was distressed over the death of his cousin Jamaal. Then Karen made a fatal mistake. She told Russell that it was James Black that killed his cousin. Which James found out rather quickly, and planned to kill Karen ASAP. But then Tina was raped that same evening by a sales associate inside of the 'Red Tops' organization named Carlos. This of course enraged James. He entered Carlos's apartment and put 17 bullets into his body for his transgression. The following morning, Tina put 2 bullets into Karen's head. Then Derrick and James committed a double homicide that has the chief of police ready to shit a dry Egyptian brick. Specifically the murder of a single mother named Renee Jones. An innocent bystander caught up in the crossfire of a far reaching street war that has taken multiple lives on Baltimore's East, and Westside. A woman whose husband was shot to death 9 years prior in what police believed a gang initiation hit. A situation some would say is convoluted. A 'Shit'-uation many would say is conflicted. But there's only one real way to describe it. ‘B-More Addicted'

Larry Coleman from Cumberland MD is a powerful writer with a promising future. Also for publication by Larry B-More Related, B-More Grimy, Penitentiary Karma and Diary of the Street Poet, Volume One

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