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B-More Addicted A Writers Intro and Synopsis

November 11, 2015


There is no way to stop it. No possible way to contain it. But we know that it's there. It shows up in all manner of human behavior. Yet we are unable to glimpse what we cannot see. So we try to arrest it. This is done with red brick and cement block. Handcuffs, steel bars, and chain-link fences. We have even attempted to calm it with medicine. But none of these methods were sufficient. All were done in futility. Why?

Well because it's spiritual. It cannot be touched physically. It's of a universal nature, it transcends borders, and it seeks to destroy everything in its path. People, places, and things. But please do not be confused. Because it is not a noun. It is the disease of addiction. And everyone I know has felt its sting. Whether through a co-worker or a family member. A close friend or a favorite celebrity. Like Jimi Hendrix. The innovator of heavy metal. Or Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The critically acclaimed actor. Both beloved masters of their craft. Both of whom fell victim to the disease of addiction. And ultimately losing their lives in the struggle. Proving that none are exempt.


My proposed work, B-More Addicted, delves into this deadly disease with a character driven plot that is complex. Yet it exposes the ugly truth directly related to addiction, and those the disease directly, or indirectly effects. Being in African American male from the streets of Baltimore, I have experienced addiction in many ways. I’ve dealt drugs, and l”ve used drugs. I’ve also seen many others doing the same. Marijuana, crack cocaine, alcohol, and heroin I know up close, and personal.


My criminal history can attest to this, and B-More Addicted exemplifies this. My proposed work takes the reader through the streets of Baltimore. A clearer understanding of the nature of addiction is achieved, causing the fruits of wisdom to spring forth. Insight into one of America’s most destructive cultures is imparted. Which ultimately will bring about change.

A slight breeze rustled the leaves of a nearby oak as they made love atop of Federal Hill in Downtown Baltimore. This brought the smell of salt water and steamed blue crabs wafting through the air on this beautiful summer evening. Renee smiled up at her husband, and said, "ABC Studios needs to Show this on Monday nights!"


Just beyond the wrought iron fence surrounding Federal Hill to the south a gang initiation is taking place. The young couple is totally unaware of the danger lurking in the form of a young street punk creeping up behind them. This is unfortunate. Because Renee heard the two gunshots while riding a wave of orgasmic pleasure. And though her release was physical, her husband's release was spiritual. And now Renee was left alone to raise their 2 year old son, Joseph Jr.


Some men in p