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Vampire Desire

She awoke suddenly, afraid and soaked in sweat. Her bed was warm but there was a cold, soulless presence in her room, a presence that gave her an eerie feeling that she was being watched by a presence of pure evil, an evil that now chilled her from head to toe, despite being soaked in sweat just seconds before.

Sitting up quickly, wide-eyed, looking around the room she saw nothing out of the ordinary. It was pitch dark, her bedroom walls and ceiling were deep-sea blue. A strange color to paint a fourteen-year-old girl’s bedroom. But Destiny was no average, ordinary, Hello Kitty, “Pretty in Pink” kind of teenage girl. She wore black clothes every day and painted her fingernails black. She wanted to dye her blond hair black too, but her dad drew the line, permitting her to only dye the tips. With her pale white skin and brilliant-blue eyes, she looked like she had been bitten by a vampire and was halfway through her metamorphosis. Which explains why there was a bloodsucker in her bedroom, lurking in the closet.

He had been watching to see if any other vampire had made a claim on her. Yet he grew impatient of waiting and came out of the closet to watch her sleep. However, he was so mesmerized by her innocence, her beauty, he carelessly caressed her face with his ice-cold fingers, waking her instantly.

He continued watching her from his peripheral while shielding his eyes, which glowed like a cat’s in the dark, he couldn’t let her see him. Especially now, he would be forced to suck the life out of her before she could scream. That would most definitely draw unwanted attention, and result in a search for her and a manhunt for him. But it was going to be light soon, and he had to

make his escape before sunrise.

Destiny covered her head and shuddered, her heart beating rapidly in her chest. Calming herself, slowing her breathing, she uncovered her head and looked around the room It was still too dark to see anything.

The wretched, bloodsucking fiend made his move. While shielding his eyes from the girl’s detection, he stealthy levitated across the room, exiting faster than Destiny could blink her eyes.

A bone-shivering breeze hit Destiny in the face, taking her breath as if she had stepped into the Arctic in the dead of winter. But within seconds the temperature in her room returned to normal; the dark presence Destiny felt was gone. She sighed relief and fell fast asleep.

Outside, watching his pupil from a distance, Damien saw Hector exit the girl’s house. He wondered whether the fool sampled. If he had, it would raise suspicions, attracting unwanted attention to the others. However, Hector had been a good student and listened well. If he sampled, he would have drained her and disposed of her appropriately. To make sure, he would inquire further. But for now, he had to get back before sunrise. He wondered whether the girl gave any consideration to the kind of attention she was attracting by her looks. If it wasn’t for that, she wouldn’t have drawn Hector’s interest.

Destiny awoke, still anxious and alert from her midnight fright, looked around her room and, seeing nothing, relaxed. She got out of bed, walked over to the window, and looked out The sun was rising. The sky was an ambient red and dark purple. It was going to be a long, rainy day.


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