Books to Inmates Fundraiser

By Diane St.Onge, Freebird Publishers / Inmate Shopper

Inmate Shopper is running an ongoing fundraiser, that costs NO MONEY to the giver by shopping on For you and everyone you know that shops on Amazon, all you need to do is use our website to access with any of the links we have on the pages of our site and go shopping.

How this continuous fundraiser works is that will pay us a small commission on each item purchased when the shopper has accessed Amazon through Inmate Shopper links on The commissions will help us pay for the USPS Priority with Tracking postage fees. Freebird Publishers donates the books, all we need is your help with shipping and handling costs.

Inmate Shopper is trying to raise these funds, so we can double the amount of books that our business is able to send to prison libraries. Our business donates to prison libraries and education departments on all prison levels, federal, state and county. Each facility has more than one library, we send copies of The Best 500 Non Profit Orgs for Prisoners and Their Families and the Inmate Shopper, Resources for Inmate Services for each of the libraries contained within the facility.

Inmate Shopper’s fundraiser will cost you NOTHING to help us send more books to prison libraries and education departments across this country! Just “Click” on any of our Amazon banners to access and shop! All funds raised will be used to mail copies of The Best 500 Non Profit Orgs for Prisoners and Their Families PLUS bonus copies of our Inmate Shopper, Resources for Inmate Services.

Help us send more of our books which are published for prisoners and contain huge varieties of much needed information and resources. These books are a treasure trove for prisoners and their loved ones. Inmate Shopper’s books have hundreds of pages of useful information that every prisoner should know and have at their fingertips.

Shop with Inmate Shopper on Amazon!


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