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A pretty green spring planter bears the Ultimate Easter Selection of treats and goodies to all the little girls and boys on your Easter list!  Moms and Dads will enjoy all the goodies delivered by this cute little bunny!  Send the Ultimate Easter Selection to somebunny special today!

Ultimate Easter Selection 913751

  • 12" Green Spring Planter Lemon Bon Bons Tin Caramel cream Marshmallow Cream Egg Asst 1.6 oz 20 Flavor Jelly Belly Beans Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Mrs. Grace Lemon Cookies Chocolate Raspberry Cake Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny Easter Marshmallow Peeps Cream center milk chocolates 5 piece box White frosted Covered Pretzels 2 Chocolate covered biscotti cookies 12" Chenille Easter Bunny