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Here’s a special treat to make any occasion unforgettable! Our popular gourmet gift basket includes sweet and savory treats such as cheese, summer sausage,  crackers, cookies and more. Our expert designers arrange these mouthwatering treats to create a gift that is sure to delight everyone.

The Gourmet Choice Gift Basket 810472

  • Baguette Bread sticks Nunes Farms spicy almonds 1.5 oz bag 2 oz Cheddar cheese pretzels 2 oz. Crunchy caramel corn 4 Assorted Ghirardelli chocolate squares 3 oz Beef salami 2 - Jelly Belly's 20 most popular flavor boxes Chocolate Cream Filled wafer cookies 1.9 oz box Creamy Brie Cheese Green wicker tray (measures 11x8x6)