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A Complete Guide to Balancing your Body’s pH and Improving Your Health and Well-Being with Alkaline Foods and Water ALKALINE DIET SECRETS! PLUS A HUGE BONUS RIGHT AFTER THE CONCLUSION! THAT YOU WILL ENJOY FOR YEARS!


Did you know the Alkaline Miracle Diet is the latest sensation to hit the dieting world? Health experts have taken notice that fad diets seem to go in waves. The last seven years have been focused on low-carb diets such as sugar busters, protein power, and the South Beach diet.


$23.99 incl. S/H & Tracking.

The Alkaline Miracle Diet

  • Are you frustrated with each kind of diet and the long list of various ones you should be on or trying? The Alkaline Miracle diet is so interesting to more people since it is a 180-degree turn from low-carb, high-protein fad diets over the past few years. The Alkaline Miracle diet is also commonly called as the pH Miracle diet or the Young Diet, after its inventor Robert Young. This latest diet trend has a completely different approach to nutrition. A lot of holistic physicians and nutritionists view it as a more balanced strategy to nutrition which considers the body’s true nutritional requirements. Primarily, since our body has a pH that is a little alkaline, the human diet must be made up of mostly alkaline foods. The typical American diet is comprised of mainly acidic foods such as packaged foods, caffeine, sugar and animal protein. All of these types of food interrupt the pH balance of the body and lead to a lot of health problems. Are you one of these people? Do you want to know how to reverse the effect and become less acidic and more alkaline? Well you can, no more excuses! You can start today with this download of everything you need to know for a beginner in the Alkaline Diet!
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