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Make their heart skip a beat when you ask for their heart this Valentine's day! This adorable plush bear wears a heart around his neck that says "Be Mine" and has his heart embroidered on his paw. His heart and his chocolate will win your Valentine's heart over this year.


Includes: 12 " Be Mine teddy bear with embroidered Heart on his foot, Angelina's Buttery shortbread cookies. Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate & almond bar, Lindt milk chocolate truffles, Triple chocolate hot fudge brownie, Love notes white chocolate & dark chocolate pretzels, valentines plant pick.


Enclosed in a 14" gloss red basket and topped with a handmade Valentine's bow. The Gift measures 14" tall by 12" in length and 8" wide and weighs 5 pounds.

Say You'll Be Mine Valentine Gift Basket 8161972

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