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IF SHIPPING TO AN INMATE-CONFIRM THAT THIS PRODUCT CAN BE ACCEPTED BY MAILROOM AT THEIR FACILITY. Sargent Art 50 count Colored Pencil set has a great selection of colors and comes in 7-inch long, pre-sharpened pencils. Works as a nice set to start with or to add to your art supply collection! 50 pencils in 48 different colors including White, Orange, Rose, Brown, Light Blue, Blue, Violet, Black, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Red, Golden Yellow, Yellow Orange, Pink, Yellow-Green, Gray, Sea Green, Magenta, Red-Orange, Tan, Silver, Gold, Peach, Light Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Salmon, Burnt Orange, Mahogany, Red Violet, Light Violet, Aqua Green, Leaf Green, Burnt Sienna, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Maize, Cherry Red, Marine Blue, Navy Blue, Ocean Blue, Barrack Green, Olive Green, Blue Green, Apple Green, Sap Green, Deep Blue, and Sky Blue. One additional White and Black pencil is included.


$29.99 incl. S/H & Tracking. Due To EXPERIENCE - All books shipped SEPARATELY to ensure unnecessary prison mail room delays. All book prices below INCLUDE Shipping & Handling with Tracking.

Sargent Art 22-7251 Colored Pencils, Pack of 50

  • By Sargent Art Product Dimensions 15.2 x 10.8 x 1.8 inches Shipping Weight 10.4 ounces
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