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The RX to Say Get Well care package delivers your get well wishes with gifts of fun and good taste.  The Gummy band aides, a Relatable Stress Ball, and the Get Well Soon if Not Sooner book will entertain and help to while away the hours until your friend or loved one is feeling better.  If you know someone who needs to feel better, send the RX to Say Get Well care package without delay.

RX to Say Get Well Care Package 818019

SKU: 818019
  • Gummy Aid Gummy Band Aides Thinking of you Lemon Shortbread Cookies Lemon Tea Jelly Belly Asst Jelly Beans Get Well Soon if Not Sooner Book ( over 100 pages of inspirational stories of triumph) Get Well Popcorn Relaxable Stress Ball (Asst colors and styles) RX Prescription Gift Box