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Give the gift of your own personalized message, recorded in your own voice! This adorable little Teddy Bear wearing a t-shirt that says; "I Have A Message For You", provides you with a way to record a message of inspiration, love, hope, encouragement, prayer, song, laughter, poem, humor, or anything your heart desires to communicate. Perfect for Grandfathers, Father's Day, Birthday's, Feel Better, Service men and women serving over seas, friends, or daily messages to a child. The 10.5" Record-a-Voice Message Bear in display box, records and plays back your own recorded sentiments (up to 30 seconds) with animated mouth and body motion. Your message can be saved forever, or you can record and re-record as often as you like. Makes a wonderful keepsake, or new tradition for sharing love.

Record a Voice Message Bear G0679B

SKU: G0679B