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The E-Book/EPub version of Prison Picasso

*This is a digital copy of this book - not a physical copy.


Prison Picasso

The Millionaire Prisoner's Way to Sell Arts/Crafts


Wish you could sell art patterns to greeting card companies for $400. Want to know the magazine that pays over $4,000 for artwork they like? Are you tired of trading your art/crafts for just typical commissary scraps? Want to know where to go online to find 130,000+ people who like prison arts and crafts? Then this book was written especially for you!

In 2013 Jay-Z paid $4.5 million for a painting. He owns over $70 million in art. Listen to his song “Picasso Baby”, then come get this book and I’ll show you how to get big money! Prison Picasso contains “insider’s” wisdom designed especially for prisoners.


You owe it to yourself to invest in this book! Every word has been edited so that prisoners can use it for success right now today! You can change your life with arts & crafts. It’s all included here!

In 26 chapters of rock-solid content you’ll discover the following secrets:


  • Where to find FREE money for art and how to get some of it;
  • How to build your own brand and start an art/craft business even if you aren’t an artist;
  • Top 15 magazines for artists;
  • How to create a piece of art once and make money off of it for life;
  • How to use arts/crafts to get pen pals and network with celebrities;
  • Find out why “starving artist” is a myth and how not to fall victim to it;
  • Copyright and trademark your art and logos to protect your rights;
  • Learn the 3 websites that you must be on to make it big $$;
  • Sample fill-in-the-blank forms, contracts, and letters for your use;
  • Over 1,130 addresses and websites that can help you succeed! 

Prison Picasso

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