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The E-Book/EPub version of Post-Conviction Relief: Second Last Chance

*This is a digital copy of this book - not a physical copy.



At sentencing, defendants are informed of their right to appeal. After appeal lawyers tell their clients about their right to file for post-conviction relief under 28 U.S.C.: 2255, but not without laughter in their voices. What they don't tell their clients is that a: 2255 motion cannot be based on actual innocence or over sentencing.


This book fills that gap. It explains how to take action for both actual innocence and over sentencing along with explaining which legal mechanism to use. It breaks the fairytale about 2255's one-year statute of limitations, it explains how to determine which federal prisoners are among the thousands who are actually innocent of being over-sentenced.


Inside you will find explanations and actual filing for:


Out-of-Time 2255's

Second-In-time 2255's

Second-or-Successive Authorization under 28 U.S.C.:2244

Sentence Reduction Motions under 18 U.S.C.: 3582(c)(1)(A)

Compassionate Release Motions under the First Step Act


Many different examples of motions for relief from COVID-19, with explanations of different types of circumstances; Tips on how to understand the law throughout the book; and A chapter on constructing your own pro se motion.


EBook: 261 pages

ISBN 978-1-952159-23-7

Post-Conviction Relief: Second Last Chance E-Book

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