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Send them a care package to create memories with. One night a week of family fun, filled with games and treats. Every American family should be afforded the luxury of time together filled with fun and sweet treats to eat.


The It’s a Family Game Night Care Package makes a great gift for every occasion or no occasion at all. The side of this unique care package is stamped with our trademark seal "Because we care package"

It’s a Family Game Night Care Package 819531

  • Checkers Peg Board Game Maze and puzzle book Jumbo word search Texas Hold em poker set Playing cards Travel game set (Chinese checkers, connect the dots etc.) Pick up sticks 2-cracker jacks Midnight munchies shortbread cookies Twizzlers red vines licorice Classic Hershey chocolate bar M & M's candies plain Nestle crunch bar Chex Mix Reese's Peanut Butter cups Nutter Butter Cookies Kit kat chocolate bar
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